La Carte

* Gravlax monkfish carpaccio, avocado-grapefruit, black breadstick 20€
* Ravioli of snails cooked with spinash, garlic cream, lard chips 16€
* Conchiglioni stuffed with sweetbread and autumn vegetables then gratinated with parmesan 22€
* Home smoked salmon, mango and lime, focaccia with seeds 16€
* Fried breaded prawns with chestnuts, butternut squash variation 20€

Main courses
* Roasted scallops with home smoked butter, local spelt risotto, chorizo bellota powder,
  chicken juice, "lace" crisp biscuit
* Red label farmer chicken stuffed with almond-dried apricot-coriander, caramelized swede turnip,
  curly green cabbage fricassee
* John Dory filets, parsnip puree, artichoke, mandarin gel and lime zest 29€
* Roasted wildboar filet mignon, panfried black salisfy-cep-chestnut, madeira sauce 34€
* Beef filet roasted with sage butter, mashed potatoes with olive oil, chinese artichoke 29€
* Sea bass filet, the red kuri squash in puree and roasted, parmesan creamy sauce 24€

Cheeses from Lou Canesteou of Romain Dumond at Vaison La Romaine 
selected by Josiane Déal (MOF Cheesemaker)
* The goat cheeses from Provence, home made black cherry jam 10€
*  Assortment of matured french cow cheeses, salad with grilled almonds and grapes 13€

* Pear:poached pear with red wine and blackcurrant juice, vanilla rice pudding,
  pear sorbet, crisp biscuit
* Chocolate: shortbread biscuit, caramel-chocolate cream, caramel sauce, chocolate ice cream 13€
* Lemon: lemon Genoa sponge cake, light lemon cream, raspberries, raspberry sauce,
  lemon sorbet
* Chestnut: biscuit, chestnut cream, candied chestnut, crisp, meringue, chestnut sorbet 13€
* Freshness: assortment of home made sorbets with a crisp almond biscuit 10€


We work with fresh products and do a day cooking.
A dish could be lacking
Thanks for your understanding 

Prices including all taxes

Our animal friends are not accepted in the restaurant, only on the terrace. Thanks for your understanding